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Meet Your Ultimate
Technician and DIY Companion

Mastertech assists with manufacturer procedures and diagnose common issues for any vehicle

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Get personalized assistance with manufacturer procedures 

Simply enter the VIN for any vehicle since 1985. Mastertech will provide full manufacturer procedures and specifications, with personalized assistance based on your level of experience.

Instant answers for questions you have for the job

Quickly look up torque specs, fluid capacity, oil types, component locations, and more, so that the job can be done safely and efficiently


Quickly identify known issues with specific vehicle models

Mastertech will cross reference symptoms and concerns against all Technical Service Bulletins (TSBs) for your specific vehicle and identify common known issues.


Find vehicle data you can trust

Mastertech will provide full references to relevant service manual and TSB documents, so you don’t need to worry about hallucinations.

Add vehicles quickly with our mobile VIN scanner

Use our camera based VIN scanner on mobile devices to get started quickly


Features Launching Soon

  • Integration with popular shop management platforms

  • OCR extraction of image text from service documents and TSBs

Proud Industry Partners

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Built by ASE Certified Master Technician and Tech Industry Veterans

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